Former journalist reporter frames cameraman for many TV channels:
I started working in the 90s for local TVs with camera betacam and editing on bench cut, then national TV, including all the sport (France 3) ...
Convinced in the early 2000s that the Internet would "revolutionize" the world of video, I am moving towards a webmaster training with specialty Video.
At that time Ouest France, the first national daily, was looking for an atypical profile for the time, a journalist image reporter also knowing the video encoding and the internet to achieve topics on the metropolis Nantes / St Nazaire to create a WEB TV pilot for the West.
Unfortunately, despite a significant investment, this project was too far ahead of its time with an internet that was still in 56k (modem) in most cities, so the TV on the internet has turned around after a few years.
So I reworked for classic TV, including TPS Sport and later I branched out to another life.
I became a restaurant owner for a few years, and responsible for lodgings in the South of France.
Passionate about the image since always, I understood that this tool, the smartphone, would finally change the classic world of the media by offering the quality, ease and speed of a video at lower cost.
Today, MOJO, mobile journalist & videographer director: I shoot, edit, do everything with my smartphone from A to Z! ..
Realization of professional film for your events on the web or other support ... in the day, a simple, effective and affordable communication.
a picture is worth a thousand words ... So nothing like a good movie to capture the attention of your audience.
Contact me for your projects, click on videos to see some examples